суббота, 28 июня 2008 г.

And LOVING it !

Today is a very special day, everyone!

Today is Mel Brooks' birthday! Melvin is 82 years old!!! This is so cool :) So, I'm sending you my best Bday wishes, dearest Mel! Wishing you a terrific year, full of joy, happiness, and,of course,may you stay in good health! Have fun!

I'm looking forward to seeing your new projects whether on Broadway or on the screen!

You know, Mr.B, you're always very welcome to visit Moscow.
It'd be a great honor, Sir!

P.S. Shelby, dear, and Co, if it's not too much to ask guys, do please pass on my greetings to dear Mr.B, ok? He'll be glad to learn, that his 82nd birthday is being celebrated even here,in Moscow !

пятница, 27 июня 2008 г.

Hi and welcome to my blog 'bout ... you'll see actually.

Well there, how about about a very cliche 1st greeting like "Hello world?", m? Ney, that'd be too much. So instead I'll just say I'm glad to be here.